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Our community residents, restaurant partners, Saraghina & Grand Champs, have worked with the gardening team to build planters for vegetables and flowers. Students are expanding the gardening program to include technology in the form of (AI). Students are working on creating sensors to place in the soil and designated areas in the garden to monitor the air quality and soil quality from their tablets. We partner with Open Global Education, Technology and science Team in collaboration with IBM. Our students are partners in education, in agriculture, science, technology, climate change, and pollution monitoring. Students will engage in inquiry about their vegetables and plants with students and farmers in Africa and other parts of the world. The partners are working with students to open their student-run restaurant in the school.


Students in the cooking and restaurant programs will utilize vegetables from the school garden and other healthy food choices to prepare in their restaurant. Students will design the restaurant in the STEM program. Proceeds from the restaurant will go to support the “Shower Bus” initiative and a new program of choice.

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